Jordy Hart Car# 27 Mini Stock
Chasis: Body: 91 Acura Integra Fuel: Gas
Engine: 1.8 Litre Honda Transmission: Standard Diff:
Driver: Jordy Hart Age:19 Driving Exp: 2 years
Occupation: Farmer   Car Owner: Jordy Hart
Mechanic: Devin Vessey Lady: Jayde Fahrenschon Pit Crew: Devin Vessey
Sponsors:Valley Livestock Sales, Rumors Skate+Snow, Truck Saver, Terry Schure Stocco
Home Track: Swan Valley Speedway
Past Achievements: 2008 3rd place driver point(mini stock), 2008 2nd place Invatational, 2008 Rookie of the year
Goals: Mini Stock 1st place, Keep the Rubber side down.